Each soul must do homage to God for the gift it has received.

 On the Cross let us always fix our thoughts and our love.
Humility, Patience, Resignation
To maintain interior peace
it is necessary that our will be in accord with
and held firmly to the will of God.
Eternal Happiness is the reward of the faithful hearts who cling to the Cross with love. Basset
No one would be left behind in this whole vast world
if they rose to You as this bird to Your feet. 
This tiny masterpiece is copyright by M. Spotl.
O Life Giving Cross, I place at your feet, 
my joys and my sorrows. 
Mon. Vve. Bouasse Lebel
Our Goal, our home, our purpose...
Only the Cross can lead to Heaven.
The Cross teaches us to pray, 
to love God as we should.
Hail, O Cross!
my only hope.
Hail, O Cross, my only hope.
To contemplate it for one solitary hour, 
I would give the entire world.
Oh, Lord, that I might know myself 
and that I might know You. 
~ St. Augustine 

Strength of Christians
The greatest proof of love is to suffer for the object of one's Love.
Obedient Love
The divine love knows no excuses...
It obeys even unto death, death on the Cross.
The thought of the cross changes thorns to roses,
My Good Angel, help me to understand
the merits of the Cross.
The Tree of Life is their refuge.

original painting
The Cross defends me against temptation.
It is with joy, O my God, that I carry the Cross.
The Cross Sanctifies the Soul.
At the foot of the Cross remember me.
I am a friend of purity 
I am with you if you want to be with me.
Bouasse Lebel 460
Always united in the shadow of the Cross, under the protection of this lovely heart.
E. Bouasse-Jeune

Salvation is in the faith,
happiness in the hope.

What Divine Love can do.
It is good to serve Jesus Christ. 
And death is sweet to those who love Him.
Ch. Letaille, Paris
The true Christian counts it as his glory to carry his cross.
It is at the foot of the Cross that we find peace.
Let us go to the Cross. 
From there the virtues of salvation are set free:
Charity, Resignation, Sweetness, Sacrifice
The Lily: innocence
Happy the one whose conduct is  pure
and who rules his steps under the law of the Lord.
O, Good Cross, 
be ever the protector
of souls who are dear to me.
Bouasse Jeune